The Pedagogical Institute has the task of in-service training for primary, secondary and technical school teachers. The institute organises and runs both compulsory and optional seminars to complete this task.

Compulsory Seminars
There are two compulsory seminars held that are both one year courses. One for secondary technical school teachers and the other for secondary deputy head teachers. The technical school teacher’s seminar is held twice a week and the deputy head teachers seminar is held once a week. These trainee teachers are in part released from their normal teaching responsibilities to attend these courses as it is a requirement for the affirmation of a trainee’s appointment into the teaching profession.

Optional Seminars
These seminars are usually held in the afternoons when a teacher has free time. The subject of these seminars relates to the teaching and content of the curriculum as well as to educational trends.

The main goals of in-service training are the practice of co-operative learning, promotion of active methods of teaching and the wide use of new technologies in education.

The Pedagogical Institute is a developmental institution and deals with educational technology, educational research and evaluation, and educational documentation. Occasionally scholars from the UK, USA, Germany, France and Greece teach at the Institute along with local staff that are experienced in various areas are sometimes asked to teach at the Institute.

Inspectors are responsible for the guidance and supervision of teachers. These inspectors will often visit schools and classes to monitor the progress of teachers. There is a great deal of emphasis with advice and guidance of staff on subject matter, methodology, teaching aids and textbooks. These inspectors will also arrange and perform seminars that cover the theory and practice of teaching is discussed as well as the educational problems that are related to these. Teachers are also encouraged to share their own findings from a method they may have tried in the classroom or on study they may have done.

Within Cyprus there are a large number of qualified secondary school teachers from all various specialised fields that are surplus to the requirements of the Cypriot educational system.