Cybernet Training Center

CYCYB LTD (CYPRUS CYBERNET) is established in 1997 in the very beginning of Educational reformation due to Technology and World Wide Web development. The vision and life target of the founders and shareholders of the Company, with more than a decade experience in the field, is the spiritual and cultural development of Cyprus and the best positioning of the country in the world wide cultural and social map. The means to achievement of our common vision are the offer of qualitative Education to our children and the continuous training of the professionals of our country. At the same time, the Company promotes strategic collaborations with External Educational Bodies so much for harmonisation with international models what for endogenous Research and Growth.

Company Information
Year of Establishment 1997
Directors Angelos Stylianou
Number of Employees 1-50

Cybernet Training Center Nicosia

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Street Address

Lykourgou 10 , Nicosia , Acropolis , Nicosia , 2001 , Cyprus


George Nicolaou
head [ at ]
(+357) 77 777 879; (+357) 22 871 742
(+357) 22 314 011